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Esoteric A-03

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Product Code: ESO000017C
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NEW...Pure "Class A" power amplification from Esoteric!

Esoteric is pleased to announce availability of our new "Class A" power amplifier, designed for the audiophile purist!

Advanced power supply with dedicated L/R dual mono architecture

The new A-03 employs dedicated dual mono technology that established Esoteric's reputation for high-end design implementation. Equipped with independent power sections featuring dedicated toroidal transformers for the left and right channels, this amplifier also boasts enhanced mechanical strength and rigidity. Separate dedicated compartments for the power transformer, the power circuits and the voltage and current amplifier stages, all help to prevent electrical interference between components.

Realizing the highest expression of purity with independently mounted high capacity toroidal transformers

The power section of the current amplifier stage-which drives the speakers-features independent, large volume toroidal transformers, mounted on the left and right channels. This enhances the amplifier's ability to supply current to each channel's speakers, while preventing interference between the channels. By using an independent transformer and power circuit for the voltage amplifier stage, which drives the current amplifier stage, the effect of variations in the voltage is suppressed and the current amplifier receives a stable power supply. Separating each circuit block into power circuits and providing independent transformers reduces cross channel interference and enables both robustness and a delicacy of expression within the music.

An amplifier circuit with wide range, high speed, and powerful drive

A pure class A implementation with low distortion and high linearity is used for the amplifier circuit. This design always ensures an idling current that can output a minimum of 100 watts RMS into 4 ohms and a minimum of 50 watts RMS with an 8 ohm load. BTL mode is also available and allows 200 RMS into 8 ohms. This provides excellent responsiveness for sudden bursts of high volume demand, as well as high purity of expression. Large transistors with a current supply ability of 17 amps. for continuous output, and 34 amps. for sudden bursts of high output, are used for the current amplifier stage. Five of these transistors are mounted in a parallel push-pull configuration for each channel, driving all speakers without compromise

Can be used as a mono power amplifier with a bridged connection

By using the A-03 as a monaural power amplifier in bridged (BTL), mode, a minimum output of 200 watts at 8 ohms (1 kHz, 8 Ω) can be achieved (400 watts at 4 ohms in BTL mode).

Obsessive use of high grade components everywhere

We have gone to extremes to use the highest quality components to maintain signal clarity and minimize transmission loss. For connection terminals, the amplifier uses the XLR input terminal-which is highly reliable and provides excellent contact-along with ESOTERIC's original RCA input terminal. In addition, the WBT nextgen; WBT-0710Cu speaker terminals have conductor cores of pure copper with gold plating to achieve high conductivity and low resistance. On top of this, we have used ultra high grade components such as an electrolytic capacitor and a high frequency/low impedance transistor. These components were selected based on property examination and trial listening. It is an Esoteric requirement that all critical components undergo exhaustive listening tests before any final section is made.

A highly rigid structure to prevent circuit interference and suppress resonance

The A-03 features a highly rigid body construction that surpasses a great number of power amplifiers. The amplifier's mass of about 38 kg presages excellent musical purity protected by thick steel. The internal circuit components are separated into dedicated inner compartments for each circuit, partitioned by 2 mm steel walls. Combined with a 5 mm steel bottom chassis, interference between circuits is prevented and the adverse effects of resonance caused by internal and external vibrations are minimized. Also, the unique chilled steel pinpoint feet provide a very strong four-point support system for the heavyweight housing.

ESOTERIC design forms a beautiful musical space

A combination of blast finishing and short scratch finishing on the 20 mm thick aluminum panels create a beautiful contrast. With its elegant rounded form and large heat sink, processed from symmetrically-placed black alumite, the A-30 contributes to an elegant audio space, creating a sense of beautiful integration with ESOTERIC's other high end products.

Now equipped with warm-up mode

This function enables the device to be warmed up to play music, while reducing electric power consumption (As compared to normal operation). At warm-up mode: power consumption of 220 watts (a reduction of about 45%).

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