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Audioquest Super-Conductive Carbon Fiber Anti Static Record Brush

Audioquest Super-Conductive Carbon Fiber Anti Static Record Brush

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Product Code: AQU0000794
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The newly redesigned and improved Audioquest Record Brush now removes more static and micro dust!
You will hear the difference from your vinyl using the newest version of this classic carbon fiber brush. Far more and smaller carbon fibers help to sweep away the micro dust that is harmful to the record and the sound!
Static is pulled away from the record via a connection between the carbon fiber, the brush handle and the person using it. The human becomes the ground and helps dissipate charges built up on the records.
Must have for a vinyl junkie!!!
Featuring 1,248,000 super-conductive carbon fibers, our new record brush gently reaches into the groove, pulling out dust and dirt that would otherwise snap, crackle, and pop through your speakers. Don't let those little intrusions turn into big interruptions.

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