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Cayin iDAC-6 MK2 Desktop DAC

Cayin iDAC-6 MK2 Desktop DAC

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Product Code: CAY9990004
  • The iDAC-6MK2 and iHA-6 are the new members of the Cayin I series. They both share a sleek and stylish design and are completed in high quality aluminum from head to tail. This is an example of design and production quality in the house of Cayin: combining close attention to detail with dedication to perfection.
  • iDAC-6MK2 deploys two AK4490, the top-tier DAC chips from AKM, and is capable to meet the highest digital decoding requirements of modern days, be it PCM or DSD encoded. This is a full-balanced design DAC with tubes buffer, offering full and silky smooth sound signature. This is Cayin's first attempt to design a desktop DAC dedicated to Headphone application
  • Pictured paired with the Cayin iHA-6 desktop headphone amplifier
  • Also available to match the DAC and Headphone Amp - The Cayin iDAP Desk top Digital Audio Player

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