Audiophile Equipment & Home Stereo System Components

Good music must be felt with a punch to the gut. It evokes passion and emotion with just a few musical notes. Listen to your music with a clearness and reality that's unsurpassed with audiophile equipment from Todd the Vinyl Junkie. We've been in the business since 2002, and our experience shows with high-end audio equipment and portable sound system components that make an impact. Connect your turntable to these component stereo systems as you blast Led Zeppelin or Nirvana. The decades blur together as a night of musical distraction takes over your mind. Home stereo system components from TTVJ are easily researched and purchased on our website. Discover what music is designed to sound like. Audiophile systems use the best electronic components and top-quality cabling to make a concert sound like it's really in the room. Trust in stereo system components from Todd because he is a performing musician and a lifelong audiophile, just like you.

Everything High End Audio!

We offer some of the finest products available in high end audio. We also offer excellent customer support. Talk to us for knowledgeable recommendations - 406-285-3910

Analog or Digital

Though we are Vinyl Junkies we also love good digital! We offer analog and digital playback for the Audiophile. Tube or solid state - we have it all

TTVJAudio is dedicated

We are dedicated to our customers! We only sell products we would own ourselves. We have many years’ experience and stand behind the products we offer.