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Gingko Cloud 9T for VPI Traveler

Gingko Cloud 9T for VPI Traveler

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Product Code: GIN0001001
Eliminate vibration and noise from your Traveler with the Gingko Cloud 9T. Hear the difference riding on a Cloud can make!We are very excited to introduce a new Gingko product designed specifically for the new VPI Traveler. It is called Cloud 9T and it has several attractive features: It features the double thickness base of the Cloud 11 for high performance and safety (the balls won't roll off the dimples) It provides dimples placed strategically to make it easy to balance the Traveler. The balls support the bottom side of the plinth for a lower profile. The silver cone feet will go through the four corner holes and be lifted off of the shelf, further isolating the plinth from shelf vibration. It follows the contour of the Scout/Scoutmaster plinth and is a perfect match visually. It is designed to fit fluched under a matching Gingko dust cover (see picture below) to feature the Traveler like a museum piece.

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