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K-Works Ersamat

K-Works Ersamat

List Price: $100.00
Our Price: $100.00

Product Code: KWO0000001

The Ersamat is an EMI/RFI absorbing space age high tech material. ERS is a polyester fabric covered conductive "proprietary" core of nickel and other metal-coated carbon fibers in an intentionally amorphous mix of lengths and sizes designed to spread its absorption/diffusion spectrum.

A cartridge can be thought of as pair of tiny antennas followed by the highest amplification gain in a stereo system. Noise is amplified along with the music. The ERS clears the area the cartridge operates in of RF noise to give the cartridge a quiet area to work in. The carbon fibers in the conductive core of the material serve additionally to conduct away the energy trapped along with static from the record as well, and this is not a small side benefit. By clearing the noise floor, the music is allowed to reach its full dynamics and clarity with an improved soundstage, detail, precision, and all the other benefits of a quieter background.

The spindle hole is intentionally smaller than the spindle to insure good contact in order to ground the mat and bleed off the RF energy and static to ground via the spindle. Set the mat onto the spindle carefully the first time it is used to preserve proper centering and give the mat a good startin its service life. To quicken and ease precise VTA adjustment, the mat is .20" or .5mm thick. The Ersamat is pourous and works perfectly with vacuum platters without interference. It can also be used with a record clamp. It does not matter which side is up.

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