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Lavry DA2002

Lavry DA2002

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List Price: $11,250.00
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Product Code: LAV0000332


The DA2002 is a premium DAC the we highly recommend! Beautiful, natural sound from digital!

For the absolute best quality digital Hi-Fi, this unit is the pinnacle of musical perfection. The DA2002 provides a clarity never before heard from digitized music. For the most dedicated stereophiles, the golden faceplate of the DA2002 reflects the dream that digital recordings can match even the best analog recordings in vibrant detail.

The DA2002 includes fixed output levels suitable to drive RCA type jacks found in home audiophile gear as well as XLR outputs and is designed to be placed on a flat surface. Another must have feature for the home audiophile is SPDIF digital input on an RCA jack, making the unit compatible with CD transports equipped with SPDIF digital output. Lavry's CrystalLock™ - jitter elimination circuitry, makes even a mediocre CD player sound great. Extremely small quantization steps, low noise and distortion yields a true reference standard performance.

Key Features

  • 96kHz, 88.2kHz, 48kHz, 44.1kHz and 40-50kHz wide mode conversion frequencies
  • Proprietary multi-bit architecture with 24 bits, non sigma delta
  • Increased low level accuracy
  • Fast transient response - single stage DSP based interpolation
  • Critical electronic components are thermally stabilized for consistantly accurate conversion
  • Automatic calibration internally adjusts to aging components; Maintaining unit performance over time
  • Digital jitter removal
  • Audiophile and consumer input and outputs
  • Balanced / unbalanced - internally jumper configurable outputs
  • Direct output coupling - no relay in signal path
  • Absolute Polarity Inversion
  • Automatic scanning of inputs
  • Unequaled detail and performance

Suitable For

  • Hi-Fi


  • Noise :
    • -110dBFS rms
    • -130dBFS peak spurious response
  • Distortion :
    • 1kHz tone at -1dBFS: .0009%FS peak harmonic amplitude
    • 1kHz tone at -60dBFS: .00009%FS peak harmonic amplitude
    • 10kHz tone at -1dBFS: .0009%FS peak harmonic amplitude
    • 10kHz tone at -60dBFS: .00009%FS peak harmonic amplitude
  • Sample rate:
    • 96kHx, 88.1kHz, 48kHz, 44.1kHz at +/- 150ppm lock range
    • -50kHz wide lock mode (varispeed)
  • Crystal lock™ tracking: 1ppm / 15 seconds
  • Channel separation: -100dBFs at 1KHz
  • Flatness response: +/- .05dB (10Hz -20KHz)
  • Phase linearity: 2 degrees (10Hz - 20KHz)
  • Warm-up and initial calibration:
    • 10 minutes maximum
    • 3 minutes typical

Analog Output

  • AES/EBU balanced 4.2V R.M.S. into 600 ohms
  • AES/EBU balanced 4.5V R.M.S. into 100Kohms
  • AES/EBU unbalanced 2V R.M.S into 600 ohms
  • AES/EBU unbalanced 2.2V R.M.S into 100Kohms
  • Consumer outputs 2V R.M.S. into 100k ohms

Digital Input

  • Two AES/EBU, 110 Ohm, transformer isolated
  • One Consumer, 75 Ohm, transformer isolated


  • 115V or 220V, 60Hz or 50Hz, 20 Watts


  • 17”W x 1.75”H x 11”D

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