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Questyle SHB2 Super Source

Questyle SHB2 Super Source

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SHB2 Master Version [Add $500.00]
Standard version


The Super Source System (Portable Lossless Audio Player QP2R+Super Hub SHB2) released in 2018 is designed with a whole new concept, resulting in Questyle taking a huge leap towards defining the future. People will enjoy high-quality music in a simple and easy way by virtue of Questyle’s state-of -the-art technologies.

Plug and Play

The more complicated the world is, the more concise we are.
Simply dock the QP2R onto SHB2, then beautiful music will flow around you.

Pure and Focused

A high-end audio system basically features purity and clarity in playing music. The Lossless Audio Player of the Super Source System is supplied with battery power which is far purer than the power supply of your PC or a server.

High quality always results from being focused upon. The Linux operating system, specially optimized for playing music, allows the whole system to focus on high-end audio playback.


The design style of Super Source System originates from Questyle’s iF Design Award winner, which is impressive for the unbroken lines flowing with a smooth-faced design around the perimeter

Resonance Control

Mechanical vibration will affect audio signal processing and sound listening. But the Super Source System will avoid resonance by its special structure and material.
The player docking of Super Hub SHB2 is made of special silicone and pure aluminum, plus the stable feet, helping to reduce resonance to a lowest level.

Build A Hi-Fi Audio System

The pre-amplifier of the Super Hub SHB2 has excellent performance because of the customized Current Mode Amplification modules CC630 and CA630. SHB2’s analog output can be set to Fixed or Adjustable. With a full range of input and output interfaces, the Super Source System is user-friendly to match it with Hi-Fi amplifiers or active speakers. So, it’s very easy for you to build a lossless audio system

Digital Monitor in Studios

The Super Source System supports professional interfaces of AES and XLR that are used in recording studios. It is user switchable between Studio and Standard mode. In the Studio mode, the power level will change from 14dBu up to 20dBu instantly, matching it with studio-level professional equipment. In addition, when you switch the Super Source System to Memory mode, it will download the recording files automatically and sync to QP2R, which makes it convenient for you to take the recordings along and listen to them at any time.

Bringing Out The Sound Quality of Streaming

The Super Source System has a full range of input and output interfaces, supporting digital signals, balanced and unbalanced analog outputs. When streaming Tidal or Spotify, your only need is to connect the Super Source System to your PC or a server via a USB cable, switch the system to the DAC mode, (switching it to work as a DAC ) , then you will get better sound quality from your PC or the server.


There are two versions of Super Hub SHB2, the first is SHB2 (standard version), the other being SHB2 Master. The SHB2 Master has a “MASTER” laser marking, and it features the ROGERS Ceramic PCB and selected components to ensure the ultimate performance on sound quality and specifications.

The Finish of both the SHB2 and SHB2 Master are both available in your choice of Black and Golden.


Whole Device
· Finish: Black | Golden
· Chassis Materials: special CNC tooled Aluminum
· Dimension: 12.99”(330mm)[W]×8.66”(220mm)[D]×3.15”(80mm)[H]
Weight: 116.4oz (3.3kg)
Voltage: 100-120V or 220-230V,the voltage is switchable.
Power consumption: 20W

Digital Source Section
- USB Type B Input:
Support 44.1kHz-384kHz/16Bit-32Bit PCM and DSD Native DSD64, DSD128, DSD256, as well as DSD64, DSD128, DSD256 of DoP format
(Note: support Win XP, Vista, Win7, Win8, Win10 and Mac OS)
- Digital Input & Output:
SPDIF input and output, Optical input, AES/EBU input
Support 44.1kHz-192kHz/16Bit-24Bit PCM
- HUB+QP2R (or new model) portable lossless audio player
Support 44.1kHz-384kHz/16Bit-32Bit PCM, and DSD Native DSD64、DSD128
- RCA analog signal input: RCAx1 pair
- Digital Source + 5GHz Wireless Output:
With USB, S/PDIF, OPTICAL or ANALOG signal input, or in the HUB mode, the Super Source System will transmit signals via 5GHz Wireless mode and communicate with Questyle’s 5GHz Wireless receiving device.

DAC+Pre-Amp Output Section
- Pre-Amp & DAC Section:
Balanced XLR x1 pair, unbalanced RCA x1 pair
STANDARD 14dBu: XLR: 4.343V RCA: 2.160V
STUDIO 20dBu: XLR: 8.121V RCA: 4.038V
THD+N@STUDIO 20dBu: XLR: minimum at 0.00055%;
RCA: minimum at 0.00065%
SNR: XLR: >114dB;RCA: >102dB(non-weighting)
Frequency Response: DC-20kHz(+0,-0.3dB)@0dBFS,24Bit,48kHz
(Note: FIX/ADJ: Fixed Output Mode or Adjustable Output Mode of the Pre-Amp.)

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