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Spiral Groove Strange Attractors Universal

Spiral Groove Strange Attractors Universal

List Price: $450.00
Our Price: $450.00

Product Code: SPI0000001


set of 3
set of 4 [Add $150.00]

The Spiral Groove Strange Attractors Universal model is recommended for use with quiet components - components with no moving parts or transformers. They of course will also work with all components but the Decouple would be even better for those with moving parts and transformers...

Vibration is the destroyer of great sound and using the Spiral Groove Strange attractors removes vibration generated by your gear and isolates vibration from external sources. Hear more of your music with a blacker background simply by adding Strange Attractors in your system.

We highly recommend the Strange Attractors to anyone who wants to get that little extra out of their system!

Price is for a set of 3. They are $150 each.

And from Spiral Groove...

At Spiral Groove, we are actively increasing our product line and are very happy to
announce our first accessory product, the Strange Attractor. The name is borrowed from
Chaos Theory, which evolved from attempts to identify structure in what appeared to be
random or chaotic behavior. For example, weather patterns. It became apparent that
many small and random events, which were statistically insignificant, did in fact contribute
to forming a structured pattern. Allen reasoned that this same effect is at work in the
resonant behavior of an audio system. We can view an audio system as a chain of
coupled oscillators, each with their own individual resonant behavior. The resonances
that are created from their interaction are different from the resonances in the individual
components. These interactions appear insignificant when taken individually, but
collectively have a significant effect on the sound of the system.
In Chaos Theory, a Strange Attractor is an equation or fractal set that is used to represent
the complex pattern of behavior in a chaotic system. Whether a component rack and its
contents, or a loudspeaker and room, the mechanical system they represent are a classic
model for creating chaos. The amplitude and nature of the Attractor pattern adversely
affects the proper function of the components in the system. By isolating components from
each other, and draining random energy from individual components, we reduce problems
in each part as well as the sum of the parts, thus short circuiting chaotic resonant behavior.
Strange Attractors (pun intended) were developed using our Balanced Force Design
methodology, which is simple in concept, but complex to implement. The first part of this
method is to establish, in the most specific terms, what is the function of the thing being
designed. This includes mechanical requirements, materials, manufacturability, user
interface, and aesthetic considerations. The next step is to identify how these concepts
interrelate and avoid creating new and alternate problems when pursuing the solution to a
fundamental problem. Finally, the most difficult problem is of course to create an object
that brings these diverse and often opposing goals into balance. The result is a naturally
elegant solution that performs at a level unexpected from the apparently simple physical
The goal of the Strange Attractor is multi layered. One is to isolate a component from
external energy sources, such as vibrations generated by a component or strong floor
vibrations coming from the loudspeakers. These random and chaotic vibrations transfer at
a high-speed into the Strange Attractor where, through carefully shaped aluminum and
graphite, they refract, dissipate, and reflect off a sequence of boundaries. This puts the
vibrational energy into a cycle of decreasing amplitude and rotating phase ultimately
transforming it to heat.
The second goal was to treat the resonant behavior of the component itself by providing a
path for narrow band chassis resonance to be effectively transferred into the wide band
thermal environment of the Strange Attractor. This keeps it out of the audio band and from
affecting the music.
The third goal is to reduce the amplitude of the resonance that results from individual
components and the rack acting upon each other in the system. This third goal is a bit
more complex, but explains the need for the different types of Strange Attractors. When
viewing the audio system as a series of coupled oscillators, it becomes clear that different
solutions are needed to address each components particular vibrational behavior. There is
no "one trick pony" design that will reduce energy transfer, wide band or narrow band,
chaotic or non-chaotic, into or out of a component.
Please experiment with Strange Attractors and find how they best work in your system.

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