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Weiss DAC 501 - 2 or 4 Channel DAC
Weiss DAC 501 - 2 or 4 Channel DAC - Image 1 of 0
Weiss DAC 501 - 2 or 4 Channel DAC - Image 2 of 0
Weiss DAC 501 - 2 or 4 Channel DAC - Image 1 of 0
Weiss DAC 501 - 2 or 4 Channel DAC - Image 2 of 0
Weiss DAC 501 - 2 or 4 Channel DAC - Image 1 of 0
Weiss DAC 501 - 2 or 4 Channel DAC - Image 2 of 0

Weiss DAC 501 - 2 or 4 Channel DAC

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Product Code: WEI0000000
The Weiss DAC 501 is available with Headphone amplifier and 1/4" headphone jack included. Also available in Black or Silver.

DAC501 and DAC502

Weiss Engineering DAC501Weiss products are precision-built in Switzerland to the most rigorous professional standards, designed to deliver flawless performance over years of constant use. In addition to their expertise in digital conversion, Weiss is a leader in DSP, featured in many of their products.

The DAC501 and DAC502 share the same circuitry and componentry, and differ primarily in form-factor: the DAC501 is a compact, half-width unit, allowing placement flexibility in desktop and studio applications, as well as in home systems of any size. The DAC502 features a standard, full-width chassis; it also differs from the DAC501 by including a four-pin balanced headphone connector on the back of the enclosure.

Both units incorporate a stainless steel chassis with a robust 10mm aluminum faceplate. Digital processing is performed by a pair of 32-bit ESS Sabre DAC chips per channel, providing superb channel separation and noise-rejection. An internal high-precision clock generator clocks the DACs at a frequency of about 195kHz; PCM signals up to 384 kHz and DSD x64 and x128 are reclocked to 195kHz. Power supplies are linear, incorporating dual toroidal transformers and separate regulators for each channel, minimizing noise and crosstalk.

There are five digital inputs: AES/EBU or S/PDIF via XLR, Toslink, or RCA; UPnP/DLNA via Ethernet; and USB. Outputs are by balanced XLR and unbalanced RCA; both units have front panel ¼” headphone jacks, and the DAC502 has an additional 4-pin XLR output on its back panel. Line and headphone outputs are separate, and discrete.

With their touch screen display both units are extremely intuitive and easy to set up and easy to use. Both can also be controlled by the provided full-function remote control, or by a web interface. Both units are networkable and Roon Ready and available in black or silver finish.

The DAC501-4CH and DAC502-4CH versions are capable of four channel playback while also delivering a higher level of sonic performance in two channel applications.

The 4CH versions use one of the latest DAC chips with stellar technical specifications, making for an enhanced two channel DAC with improved transparency and openness. Both line output stages and headphone output stages are built with discrete electronics similar to the standard DAC50x.

It is uncannily open and detailed. The device's translucence has to be heard to be believed. Even compared to many more expensive designs, it is incisive and revealing of what is in play. It's clear that this is a special sounding digital converter.

David Price, Hi-Fi News, December 2018

Would I recommend the Weiss DAC502? In a heartbeat. It doesn't merely sound clear, alive, full, and supremely musical; it also offers a headphone jack and a host of DSP options. I would be more than content to live with the DAC502 for many years to come.

Jason Victor Serinus, Stereophile Class A+ Recommended Component, October 2020

To say that I was impressed with the Weiss DAC501 is a gross understatement. The Weiss DAC501 ranks among the top of my running list of favorite DACs. Bravo!

Michael Lavorgna, Twittering Machines, Favorite DAC Award, February 2021


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