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You're in the "know" about high-quality turntables. It's not about the system's largest components. The best sounds come from a superb audiophile cartridge. TTVJ dedicates a large portion of our site to phonograph cartridges. Look closely at each product because every item is a work of art. Within the turntable cartridges are either magnets or coils. Both designs offer extraordinary sound as you set up the next record. Feel the band warm up and rock out with the proper cartridges installed.

Choose among both moving magnet and moving coil cartridges in our stock. The top names are all represented. We know you want diversity when it comes to outfitting your system. In fact, many customers look for several different phono cartridges to round out their collection. If you have any questions, let TTVJ know. Our staff is dedicated to music and audiophile needs around the world.