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Dive into the art and sound that is audiophile turntables. These gorgeous models draw the best quality out of your vinyl. TTVJ only stocks the best turntables for the money. Whether you choose a model for under $1,000 or opt for the Lamborghini-style turntable, your home or office will soon be filled with crisp and clear music. An audiophile-quality turntable comes with a sturdy base made of the finest quality materials. Do you prefer walnut or maple? Or would you rather opt for an aluminum base with precision weighing? High-end turntables demand perfection from all of the parts, including the tonearm and motor drive. Think about the style your audiophile grade turntable will bring to any room. It becomes a focal point as you rest the needle onto the next record. See your music come alive with high-end turntables for sale by Todd the Vinyl Junkie.

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