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Furutech Destat III

Furutech Destat III

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HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!! eliminate static from your vinyl, cds and cables with the Destat III from Furutech

This is the replacement for the Destat II. It is a more ergonomically correct design for use with LPs than its predecessor. It performs the same static-busting job with a powerful ion stream. In this new incarnation, however, the batteries are back to being Alkaline conventional ones rather than the problematic rechargeable ones in the Destat II. The new model features a 30% increased static zapping power over the Destat II, great ergonomic design, and can be used while placed on its side or hand held.

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Joe Lisanti from Venice, CA United States
May 15, 2024
I'm really loving the Furutech Destat III. It does a fantastic job of eliminating static on my records which really enhances playback. It's super easy to use and does its job very quickly. Another benefit of the Destat III is that I get more out of my record cleaning machine. It's always advised to only go one rotation on the vacuum cycle on the RCM otherwise static will build up. Now, I don't
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