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Grado SR-60e Headphone Grado SR-60e Headphone

Our favorite headphone for under $100!

Our Price: $79.00
Grado SR-80e Headphone Grado SR-80e Headphone

A very nice headphone for portable or home use that won't break the bank!

Our Price: $99.00
Grado SR-125e Headphone Grado SR-125e Headphone

Grado Labs delivers big with the SR125e. We like it with Classical music a LOT!

Our Price: $150.00
Grado SR225e Headphone Grado SR225e Headphone

The Grado 225e delivers a full, dynamic sound - they rock!

Our Price: $200.00
HiFiMan Edition S Dynamic Open/Closed Headphone HiFiMan Edition S Dynamic Open/Closed Headphone

The HiFiMan Edition S is an affordable headphone with high performance to cost ratio. Will work as a closed or an open headphone.

Our Price: $249.00
Grado GW100 Wireless Headphone Grado GW100 Wireless Headphone

The Grado GW100 brings the great Grado sound to Bluetooth wireless!

Our Price: $249.00
Grado SR325e Headphone Grado SR325e Headphone

The Grado SR325e represents the top of the Grado Prestige line.

Our Price: $295.00
Grado GR8e Grado GR8e

The GR8 is a high end IEM for use with an iPod, iPhone or other portable devices

Our Price: $299.00
Meze 99 Classics Walnut Gold Closed Headphone Meze 99 Classics Walnut Gold Closed Headphone

The Meze 99 Classics is a great affordable closed headphone!

Our Price: $309.00
Meze 99 Classics Walnut Silver Closed Headphone Meze 99 Classics Walnut Silver Closed Headphone

The Meze 99 Classics Walnut Silver Headphones are an excellent closed headphone!

Our Price: $309.00
Grado GH3 Headphone Grado GH3 Headphone

The Limited Edition Grado GH3 is made form beautiful Norwegian Pine!

Our Price: $325.00
Etymotic ER4SR IEM Etymotic ER4SR IEM

The Etymotic ER4SE is a great new In Ear Monitor!

Our Price: $349.00
Etymotic ER4XR IEM Etymotic ER4XR IEM

New from Etymotic Research - the ER4XR with a bit more bottom end!

Our Price: $349.00
HiFiMan Sundara Planar Magnetic Headphone HiFiMan Sundara Planar Magnetic Headphone

Hifiman Sundara sets a high bar for sound under $500!

Our Price: $499.00
Sale Price: $349.00
Savings: $150.00
Verum 1 Planar Headphone Verum 1 Planar Headphone

A great inexpensive way to enter into the Planar Magnetic headphone world!

Our Price: $349.00
Cardas A8 Ear Speaker 30th Anniversary Edition Cardas A8 Ear Speaker 30th Anniversary Edition

New Cardas A8 IEM! Good stuff for the ear!

Our Price: $350.00
Grado HF3 Headphone Grado HF3 Headphone

Limited time only! Grado HF3 headphone with free shipping worldwide!

Our Price: $350.00
Grado GR10e Grado GR10e

The Grado GR10e is a very good IEM and one that Todd frequently uses in his portable rig.

Our Price: $399.00
Audeze LCD-1 Headphone Audeze LCD-1 Headphone

A great headphone at a very reasonable price, the Audeze LCD-1 is sure to be a big hit!

Our Price: $399.00
Cardas EM5813 Ear Speakers Cardas EM5813 Ear Speakers

An amazing IEM from Cardas!

Our Price: $425.00
Grado RS2e Reference Headphone Grado RS2e Reference Headphone

The RS2e sounds like a fined tuned instrument with its mahogany enclosure!

Our Price: $495.00
Sennheiser HD 660 S Open Headphone Sennheiser HD 660 S Open Headphone

The new Sennheiser HD660 S improves on the HD650 and works well with portable gear too!

Our Price: $499.95
Grado GH4 Headphone Grado GH4 Headphone

The Grado Heritage Series GH4 is a limited edition headphone made with selected Norwegian Pine!

Our Price: $550.00
Grado PS500e Professional Headphone Grado PS500e Professional Headphone

Hear the magic of the Grado PS500e and hear your music like never before!

Our Price: $595.00
HiFiMan RE800 Silver IEM HiFiMan RE800 Silver IEM

The HiFiMan RE800 Silver is an impressive IEM at a great price!

Our Price: $599.00
Grado RS1e Reference Headphone Grado RS1e Reference Headphone

The RS1e brings music to life! It like being there!!!

Our Price: $695.00
HiFiMan RE800 Gold In Ear Monitor HiFiMan RE800 Gold In Ear Monitor

The HifiMan RE800 is one fine IEM for the golden ear!

Our Price: $699.00
HiFiMan Ananda Planar Headphone HiFiMan Ananda Planar Headphone

The Ananda is a lightweight,easily driven planar headphone with great sound from HiFiMan!

Our Price: $999.00
Sale Price: $699.00
Savings: $300.00
Grado Labs White Headphone Grado Labs White Headphone

Very few remain! The Grado White commemorates great music from the past with an awesome sounding headphone!

Our Price: $795.00
MrSpeakers AEON Flow Closed Headphone MrSpeakers AEON Flow Closed Headphone

The MrSpeakers AEON closed headphone delivers great sound at an affordable price!

Our Price: $799.99

When you can't blast your music around the home or office, explore the alternative with our selection of audiophile headphones. These headphones are meticulously designed for the highest audio reproduction quality. Each earpiece has complex parts and circuitry helping it to translate the music from the source of your choice into your eardrums in its original sound quality.

Whether you prefer digital sound from CD and SACD players, listen from a vinyl source, or stream your favorite music from Tidal, TTVJAudio.com has the premium headphones for portable, home, studio and office use to match your specific needs and demands.

Here you will find the highest quality headphones from some of the best brands in the business, including Grado, Sennheiser, Focal, HiFiMan, Audeze, and Mr.Speakers. Looking for open or closed back headphones, in-ear canalphones, portable headphones, planar magnetic or electrostatic headphones? Todd the Vinyl Junkie has got you covered with the most comprehensive selection of the best sound quality headphones to choose from! It's now time for you to explore our stock as rich music fills your headphones and takes you on a ride.

Contact us now for expert advice on the best components for your audiophile system!

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