Todd The Vinyl Junkie
The Home of High End Audio

Todd The Vinyl Junkie was started as a company aimed at providing great products, great service and great pricing by Todd Green and Tom Swenson. These two guys had been friends for a long time and when reunited after a 10 year absence from each other, the idea was hatched to create the company. Todd as sales and marketing guy and Tom as the computer/website guy. You will see these guys at CanJams and RMAF peddling the TTVJ product lines and having a great time doing it. Friends to the end! Tom is now employed by MIT (he's a smart one!) but still lends a hand and advise as needed.

Originally just a shop for the Vinyl Junkie, the store quickly expanded to include the entire gamut of audio gear available. Todd had previously worked at HeadRoom Corp as the sales manager and took his expertise into this new venture in  September of 2003.

The products we carry reflect what we would want in our own listening systems. We do not sell anything that we would not own ourselves - and much of this gear has been owned at one time or another by Todd.

We can say nothing but great things about the manufacturers we carry and stand by their products as if they were our own.

The TTVJ line of products represent products that we designed and manufacture or products that are made for us. These are our own person brand and we are very pleased to be able to offer these high quality products exclusively through our website.

The Apex High Fi Audio products are also the house products of TTVJ. Todd along with longtime friend and master design engineer Pete Millett, form this partnership to bring some excellent, creative designs to the marketplace. Pete's reputation for excellence in design and sound quality along with Todd's desire to make these products available to his customers made the partnership a no brainer. It is a natural fit and along with being business partners they share the love of trout fishing in Montana and drinking the worlds best beers. And sometimes they get to do it together!

Todd is currently assisted with his website endeavors by Ron Tuohimaa of AFFCOM. His assistance has been invaluable and his work excellent. We are grateful for the work he has done.

And Todd would like to thank his very good friend who has offered much advise and assistance in getting TTVJ to where we are today - John Grado and Grado Labs. Without John and his help we would probably not be here today. Thank You John!