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Closed Back Headphones

Audiophile Closed-Back Headphones

TTVJAudio carries the finest closed headphones currently in production. Ideal for use in noisy environments, these closed-back headphones offer isolation from outside noise and keep sound from leaking out into the local environment. What you get from these headphones is Great sound, isolation and not disturbing those around you. We also have a price match policy where you can send us the quote you have from a competitor and we will match it or better the deal!



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Sometimes, you just want to shut off the world around you. Todd the Vinyl Junkie understands this need, so audiophile closed-back headphones are available in several different styles. When you wear just any headphones, you don't get the same musical quality that you would with high-quality products. At TTVJ, we only stock the best closed-back audiophile headphones. Each earpiece has complete covers to protect the sound from emanating outward. The music remains thoroughly isolated, which means you can hear every chord and melody.

You can also consider these products as noise isolation audiophile headphones. Pick a song, and you'll only hear what you selected. Ambient noise suddenly fades away. Choose your portable closed-back headphones from our quality stock. Every music fan deserves audiophile noise-isolating headphones that transport you away from the everyday world.

Be assured you are getting the best closed back headphones at the best price with TTVJAudio!

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