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Grado Statement & Reference (Timbre) Series

Formally the Statement and Reference Series, the new Timbre Series combines every next generation mid-range wooden phono cartridge into a striking and powerful family. Producing a warm, impactful, and accurate sound, this hand-built lineup delivers a signal with more control and accuracy than they ever have before.

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Grado Opus3 Phono Cartridge Grado Opus3 Phono Cartridge

A great new budget phono cartridge that delivers big, musical sound!

Our Price: $300.00
Grado Platinum3 Phono Cartridge Grado Platinum3 Phono Cartridge

The Grado Platinum3 is a big step up from its predecessor! Hear the difference for yourself!

Our Price: $400.00
Grado Sonata3 Phono Cartridge Grado Sonata3 Phono Cartridge

The Grado Sonata is a very good cartridge and the sweet spot in their Timbre line of cartridges.

Our Price: $600.00
Grado Master3 Phono Cartridge Grado Master3 Phono Cartridge

The Grado Master3 is a real beauty to the ears!

Our Price: $1,000.00
Grado Reference3 Phono Cartridge Grado Reference3 Phono Cartridge

The Grado Reference3 represents the top of the line in their Timbre Line of excellent Moving Iron cartridges.

Our Price: $1,500.00

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