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Luxman DA 250 Headphone Amp and DAC Luxman DA 250 Headphone Amp and DAC

The Luxman DA250 is a great high end Class A headphone amp with an awesome DAC and A to D converter too!

Our Price: $2,895.00
Luxman L-505uXll Integrated Amplifier Luxman L-505uXll Integrated Amplifier

The Luxman L-505uXll is a great class AB integrated amplifier!

Our Price: $4,495.00
Luxman P750u Headphone Amplifier Luxman P750u Headphone Amplifier

New top of the line headphone amplifier from Luxman - the P750u raises the bar once again!

Our Price: $4,995.00
Luxman PD-171AL Turntable Luxman PD-171AL Turntable

The PD-171AL is a great turntable that comes without a tonearm but has 1 blank armboard included.

Our Price: $6,295.00
Luxman L-507uXll Integrated Amplifier Luxman L-507uXll Integrated Amplifier

The Luxman L-507uX is an outstanding integrated amplifier!

Our Price: $6,495.00
Luxman EQ-500 Tube Phono Stage Luxman EQ-500 Tube Phono Stage

The Luxman EQ-500 tube phono stage is an outstanding way to listen to vinyl!

Our Price: $6,495.00
Luxman PD-171A Turntable and Tonearm Luxman PD-171A Turntable and Tonearm

Luxman delivers an amazing turntable with the PD171a!

Our Price: $6,995.00
Luxman L-509x Integrated Amplifier Luxman L-509x Integrated Amplifier

New top of the line class AB Integrated Amplifier from Luxman - the 509x is a super amplifer!

Our Price: $9,495.00
Luxman C-900u Preamplifier Luxman C-900u Preamplifier

One of the finest preamps on the market - the Luxman C-900u

Our Price: $14,995.00

Combine the expertise of Todd the Vinyl Junkie and Luxman products, and you reveal a whole world of audio pleasure. Luxman amps are top-of-the-line devices that can really translate the music into your speakers and ears. This manufacturer is known for its origination around the time of radio broadcasting's infancy in Japan. Who better to partner with than Luxman when you need a superior audio experience with no limits? When money is no object, invest in a Luxman amplifier that brings natural sounds to life.

Start out with Luxman integrated amplifiers, including the Luxman L 509X. This luxurious integrated amp also doubles as a separate amplifier, which takes you on a musical journey. Explore our other devices that include Luxman headphone amplifiers. Your music deserves to be played with the highest quality components. All of our Luxman power amplifiers are thoroughly tested and approved by our team members who've been in business since 2002. While you browse through our high-end amplifiers, consider a look at the Luxman SACD and CD players too. Even vinyl enthusiasts can appreciate a CD. Todd the Vinyl Junkie partners with Luxman to bring you components that shine as brightly as the music.

Contact us now for expert advice on the best components for your audiophile system!

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