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Questyle Audio

Questyle makes high-value headphone amps and DACs like the CMA Twelve and CMA Twelve Master. The CMA 400i is an amazing value in the headphone amp and DAC category. They also produce one of the finest Digital Audio Players (DAP) on the market in the QP2R and QPM. Innovative and forward thinking, Questyle makes products for today and into the future!



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Attention to detail and exquisite design are the hallmarks of Questyle audio. Begin your discovery of the musical world by trying out the Questyle CMA Twelve. Its 10-millimeter thick chassis prevents vibrations from hindering your listening session. As a top-of-the-line Questyle headphone amp, this device is proudly carried in our stock for our discerning customers.

Don't lose the quality within your music even if it's digitized. When you're truly looking for perfection in a Questyle headphone amplifier, turn to the Questyle DAC amplifier CMA400i. Audiophiles delight in the fact that this model is a preamp, DAC and amp all rolled into one sleek housing. Music sounds live or "in the flesh" with Questyle designs in your home.

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