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AudioQuest Vodka Optical Digital Cable

AudioQuest Vodka Optical Digital Cable

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Product Code: AQU0000084
Vodka Optical - AudioQuest's best Optical cable

Toslink Fiber-Optic Cable + Mini-Adaptor

Perfect for use with soundbars, subwoofers, and various A/V components, Vodka Optical features 217 narrow-aperture, highest-purity synthetic fibers to minimize timing errors, improve bandwidth, and optimize performance.

217 Narrow-Aperture Synthetic Fiber Conductors
The problem with optical fiber transmission is that dispersed light does get through the Toslink cable, but only after it has taken a longer path, like a pool ball bouncing off the side-rails, causing it to arrive later. This delayed part of the signal prevents the computer charged with decoding the information from being decoded properly, or even at all. This reduced bandwidth is a measurable signature of light being dispersed by a fiber. The punch line: The less dispersion in the fiber, the less distortion in the final analog audio signal presented to our ears.

Precision Polished Fiber Ends


Metal 219 Narrowest-Aperture Highest-Purity Synthetic Fibers

Included Adaptor 3.5mm Mini

Signal Type Digital

Cable Length 0.75 m - 16M


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