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Bel Canto e.One Pre5 Preamplifier

Bel Canto e.One Pre5 Preamplifier

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Product Code: BEL2000003
The e.One Pre5 is a highly dynamic fully balanced analog preamplifier. The precise circuitry and compact balanced architecture deliver a pure signal to your amplifier revealing the detail and natural tone of the finest recordings.
Fully Balanced Internal Architecture for Lowest Noise and Distortion
XLR and 4 High Quality RCA Inputs
Independently Buffered XLR and RCA Outputs
Remote Control
Available in Silver or Black Faceplate

Pre5 Preamp Features

The Pre5 sophisticated circuit architecture and component choices raises the bar of traditional analog control preamp. The Ultra-low distortion and noise performance is the result of a fully balanced internal architecture and discrete high current output buffers that provide a compelling combination of dynamic resolution, impact, and musical presence.
125dB Dynamic Range preserves all recorded information
Distortion below 0.001% for pure sound
High current discrete custom output buffers
Pre5 Preamplifier Specifications

Analog Inputs:
Balanced Input Impedance: 10k Ohms
Single-ended Line Input Impedance: 50k Ohms
Maximum Input Level Balanced: 5Vrms
Maximum Input Level Single Ended: 2.5Vrms
Maximum Output Level, RCA and XLR 5Vrms
Distortion at 1Vrms Output: <0.002% 1KHz
Dynamic Range: 125dB A-Weighted re: 5Vrms
Single-ended Line Out Impedance: 50 Ohms
Balanced Output Impedance: 100 Ohms
Output Connections: XLR and RCA Outputs
Power Usage On: 4W
Power Usage Off: 0.0W
Power Input: 100-120VAC, 220-240VAC 50/60 Hz
Fuse Littlefuse 214 Series, 3 ampere, time-lag, 250VAC, 5x20mm ceramic body fuse
Dimensions: 8.5" W x 12" D x 3.5" H (216 mm x 305 mm x 88 mm)
Weight: 13lbs. (6.5 kg)


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