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Cardas Clear Headphone Cable

Cardas Clear Headphone Cable

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Product Code: CAR0000001
Call us to determine the correct input and output terminationfor your headphones. Most terminations are available. Unfortunately, there areso many options we cannot make them available via the website.

Cardas introduces their top of the line cable now available for Sennhesier HD800, Focal, Audeze and HiFi Man headphones. This is the one we use folks on our headphones!

Cardas Clear Headphone Cable has a separate cable for each ear, each featuring concentric, Matched Propagation Conductors, terminated like a miniature pair of Clear Speaker Cables.

The two parallel cables have a black & white fabric braid over the Alcryn jacket, and are kept together with several anodized aluminum joiners, with a custom machined Delron splitter.

Available with a single Cardas stereo 1/4" plug, or in balanced configuration with a pair of Cardas Golden XLR plugs.

Headphone connection options: Just about everything! Call us to arrange proper termination for your headpones!

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