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Cardas Clear Interconnect

Cardas Clear Interconnect

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Product Code: CAR0001000
The flagship cable from Cardas, the Clear is just as its name implies - crystal clear. We use this cable in our big rig and highly recommend it. Never harsh yet detail comes through naturally and crisp and clean!

"Clear interconnect is the continuation of my pursuit for perfection. Clear is the geometry of our Golden Reference interconnect, but highly refined. Clear is current, state of the art dielectrics and metallurgy. Clear marries the two with an ultra fine, stranded, tubular conductor. Clear is the vision of perfect geometry. Clear has been my most intense project. The metallurgical advancements and metal testing techniques that have evolved from this project are finding applications far beyond anything I ever imagined. Insights into the basic conductor dielectric relationship have lead to a new frontier of understanding and an associated patent, but it is the dramatic silencing of the cables themselves and the completely unimaginable improvement in depth and clarity of sound that was the real reward. Clear will be my most enduring statement." - George Cardas

Clear Interconnect uses Matched Propagation conductors, recently awarded US Patent 7,674,973

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