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Chord Qutest Loaner Program

Chord Qutest Loaner Program

1 Reviews
Product Code: LP04
Try the excellent Chord Qutest DAC in your own home and in your system for 1 week. Please make sure to read the rules before signing up!

TTVJ LoanerProgram Rules

You must sign up on our website toparticipate in our Loaner Program Category.

Whenyou sign up there will be a $5 charge - the shipping charges will be refundedand you will NOT be charged more than $5 to participate.

Participationwill be limited to be determined prior to the posting of the program.

The productwill be shipped to the first participant from TTVJAudio with each participantsending the loaner piece to the next loaner participant.

The Loanergear is to be used in your home for 1 week and then shipped to the next personat your cost. We ask that you do not keep the product longer than the 1 weekallotted as it will delay others from sampling the unit. The next loanerpersons information will be emailed to you during your week with the product.

The lastperson on the list will return loaner product to TTVJAudio upon the completionof their 1 week with it.

When yourweek is complete you will be required to write a review on this product pagefor the loaner *******. It does not need to be a complex review but shouldinclude your thoughts and how it performed for you. Your review will helpothers decide whether to purchase the product. There is a 1000 characterlimit on the review so it does not have to be very long! If your review islonger, please email it to Todd and he will post it for you.([email protected])

What you getis to use a piece of gear you are interested in with your gear at home for 1week.

What it willcost you is the shipping costs to the next person and the time used to write areview and post it on our website and $5 when your sign up to ensure yourcredit card is good.

The loanerunit is not for sale but may become available for sale once the program iscompleted. If it is for sale, it will be in our USED/SALES Gear category on ourwebsite. You can of course at any time purchase a new unit from us!

LoanerPrograms are for USA only!

Return Addresses for TTVJ:

If using USPS - do not mail to our physical address or itwill be returned to you! Use the PO Box...

PO BOX 1335

Three Forks MT 59752

If using Fed EX Or UPS

405 2nd Ave E

Three Forks, MT 59752


Average Rating:
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Alex from VA
May 13, 2024
Smooth, bassy and tiny
The Qutest is the smallest Hi End DACs on the market and to me it's the biggest benefit of it. It can fit on any desk or a night stand in your bedroom. I would describe its sound as smooth, you would not get a listening fatigue from it. The sound has body and weight, it's more bassy compared to other DACs. Also I liked the option to change the output voltage: 1V, 2V and 3V, it helps when you're dr
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