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DR Feickert Volare Turntable

DR Feickert Volare Turntable

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Product Code: DRF9000000
Purchase includes the DR Feickert Turntable with 9.5" Origin Live Silver MK3 Tonearm. Cartridge NOT included. We like the Shelter 501 MKIII paired with this setup!

What the Doctor Ordered for Expressive, Dynamic Vinyl LP Playback: German-Made Feickert Analogue Volare Turntable Features Innovative Chassis and 9.5-Inch Origin Silver Tonearm.

When it comes to playing vinyl LPs with front-to-back soundstaging and focused imaging, the Volare turntable is just what the doctor ordered. Dr. Christian Feickert, to be exact, the chemistry professor who has been designing ‘tables since 1996 and whose own company is nearing its 20-year anniversary. Built by hand in Germany's Black Forest region, the belt-driven and beautiful Volare comes with a 9.5-inch Origin Silver MK3A tonearm. The hefty aluminum platter is inspired by the types on Feickert's larger, more expensive models. Volare's innovative chassis topology focuses on high mass in the center of a bearing chosen for its stiffness and low-friction properties. It achieves ultimate synergy with the high-torque motor, which operates with a smoothness that would be the envy of any professional figure skater.

Most importantly, Volare spins vinyl with an ultra-low-noise quietness that illuminates the enticing detail, dynamics, tones, and textures that you'll experience when the stylus hits the grooves. The elegance you can clearly see in pictures also translates to the sound. Neutral and balanced, Volare also touts a quick-swap mechanism for armboards that invites you to customize and experiment with different tonearms at will. Ditto the kind of records you spin – be they 33, 45, or even 78RPM speed. Backed by a two-year manufacturer warranty and our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, Volare remains true to its Latin and Italian roots by taking analog to soaring heights at a very accessible price point.

"Volare has the essentials down pat, and possesses a musicality, stability, and solidity that few other LP rigs in the $3k ranks offer. It's not for me to say whether great LP analog reproduction cures all ills, but this could be one time that it's a good idea to listen to the Doctor. Volare might be just the prescription you need."
—Neil Gader, The Absolute Sound

Origin Live Silver Mk3A 9.5-Inch Tonearm
Highly musical, Silver tracks dynamics accurately and gets right into the groove of the music. You will expect to hear improved speed, dynamics and separation due to its sophisticated tonearm tube design. Silver also includes high-grade external cable that improves bass. In addition, it possesses a natural tonal balance with excellent transparency and fine performance at both frequency extremes.


… not only a slogan! Taking the time to develop everything new from scratch we finally ended up with a nicely compact and elegant new turntable. This new design has all virtues we are famous for - perfect neutrality, elegance in appearance and build quality, to name only a few.

The way

… getting there was not an easy one. All our core components used in the bigger model lines underwent an evaluation if they suit the new design approach. It turned out pretty soon that all of them had to undergo a complete redesign.

Testing and refining recursively ended up in this new design that will be a benchmark not only in its price-range of products. As our universal sliding armboard mechanism could not be transferred to the Volare still there is an easy way to swap to other tonearms almost on-the-fly at low cost in short time...

The incentive

… not only came from our distributors and dealers. Lots of potential customers asked for a lower priced model preserving our ideals in design, sound and build quality. The question always was, if we can. The answer? Yes, we can!
The mission

?… accomplished! We don't like to make compromises. But: Many roads lead to Rome and we found new and nice ones. Intransigence can be expensive - but it must NOT. Get surprised!
The new chassis topology is focussed on high mass in the center of the bearing. This new bearing is extremely stiff and robust as well as being a low friction design. High inner inertia and an oil bath wet sump approach make this bearing a perfect partner of our high torque motor design resulting in low rumble and smooth operation.
The sound

... Volare - come fly with me...
technical details

belt-drive turntable
quick swap mechanism for armboards
dimensions: 420 mm x 360 mm x 125 mm
armboard: 205 - 240 mm pivot-spindle (9 - 10 inches effective length)
weight: 17,5 kg (w/o tonearm, aluminium platter)
warranty: 2 years (chassis and electronics), 5 years (bearing)


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