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Hegel Viking CD Player

Hegel Viking CD Player

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Product Code: HEG5000000
The Hegel Viking is a top-of-the-line CD player designed to deliver the most
faithful sound reproduction possible. With its mechanical design, advanced
digital technology, our unique Master clock system, and superb analog stage,
Viking is a must-have for any audiophile who wants to experience music in its
purest form. Viking is a peak-performance machine. It is designed to do one
thing and one thing only: To capture every single aspect of the music you are
listening to. Hegel Viking is the best CD player we have ever made.

Reference bit-perfect CD player
New design, matching our P30A and H30A amplifiers
Dedicated top-of-the-line CD drive and laser with slot-in loading
Auto standby (configurable)
XLR, RCA, and BNC output
SoundEngine, MasterClock, LineDriver, and SynchroDAC


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