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Loricraft PRC4i Record Cleaning Machine
Loricraft PRC4i Record Cleaning Machine - Image 1 of 0
Loricraft PRC4i Record Cleaning Machine - Image 2 of 0
Loricraft PRC4i Record Cleaning Machine - Image 3 of 0
Loricraft PRC4i Record Cleaning Machine - Image 1 of 0
Loricraft PRC4i Record Cleaning Machine - Image 2 of 0
Loricraft PRC4i Record Cleaning Machine - Image 3 of 0
Loricraft PRC4i Record Cleaning Machine - Image 4 of 0
Loricraft PRC4i Record Cleaning Machine - Image 1 of 0
Loricraft PRC4i Record Cleaning Machine - Image 2 of 0
Loricraft PRC4i Record Cleaning Machine - Image 3 of 0
Loricraft PRC4i Record Cleaning Machine - Image 4 of 0
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Loricraft PRC4i Record Cleaning Machine

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Product Code: LOR0000000
8oz. TTVJ Vinyl Zyme Extra Strength record cleaning solution included with purchase!

Cleaning fluid is applied to the rotating record surface and manually brushed into the grooves of the record to agitate dirt and contaminants. The vacuum arm traverses across the record producing a powerful vortex vacuum which effortlessly extracts the contaminated waste fluid out of the record grooves which is deposited into the external waste jar.

The PRC4i is equipped with a double-ended pump system which provides an impressive suction capacity of 28 litres per minute. With a pump mounted at either end of the vacuum motor it delivers a high vacuum performance whilst emitting a lovely balanced sound. The new double pump design ensures that even heavily contaminated or warped records will be thoroughly cleaned.

The main spindle and bearing are precision made and housed in a robust phosphor bronze case to make good use of the high torque motor. Bearing spindle and motor are designed for long life and importantly provide a considerable drive force to the platter to aid the cleaning process. The cleaning vacuum arm has precision horizontal and vertical yoke bearings for precise arm movement and is driven across the vinyl record by a custom made gearing system. The vacuum arm yoke bearings are the highest grade and designed to prevent ingress contamination from cleaning fluids. The platter can rotate in forward (clockwise) and reverse (anti-clockwise) directions for thorough cleaning of the record grooves, a unique feature as dirt can be driven into the record grooves by a playing stylus. Cleaning in both directions of the groove provides optimum cleaning performance.

Standard Features:

Very quiet in operation, forward and reverse platter rotation
Designed for 7, 10, 12 & 16 inch records
Record ready to play straight after cleaning
Clean and dry in less than two minutes per record side
Brush designed to work cleaning fluid into the grooves, loosening contaminants
Suction vortex generated between nozzle and record surface for efficient vacuum cleaning
Soiled cleaning fluid and contaminants extracted and collected in transparent waste jar
A bottle of L’Art du Son concentrate and an application brush is included, enough to clean about 1000 LPs

Improved Features:


CNC machined cabinet with hand finished natural wood veneer

High density internal noise absorption material

Integrated waste fluid bottle holder

Refreshed fascia panel

Vacuum System

Handcrafted vacuum arm – black finish

Vacuum nozzle design improved for better vortex and suction performance

Vacuum pump noise level reduced

Automatic cleaning thread advance

Drive System

Precision spindle bearing, oil charged for smoother operation
Close tolerance main bearing and robust housing case
Material specification and revised finishes


Versions: Europe 230v, USA 115v and Japan 100v (Japan version switchable for 50/60Hz)
Dimensions: W: 550mm D: 410mm H: 273mm
Weight: 15kg (unit only)


The famous Loricraft cleaning system is perhaps the finest you can buy and is of particular value to professional studios, used record stores and serious vinyl collectors that may have a huge investment in a record library. Loricraft record cleaning machines do an incredible job of maintaining records in pristine condition and deep cleaning of records that have been poorly handled or stored. Although more expensive than other “wet system” cleaning machines, the Loricraft is simply superior in functionality and capability with intelligent design advantages to produce truly superior results. Loricraft record cleaning machines are designed, engineered and handcrafted in England using only the finest custom made quality components.


The high performance pump creates a vortex between the cleaning nozzle and record surface that efficiently vacuums the working cleaning fluid and loosened contaminants away from the record. Soiled cleaning fluid (containing dirt and contaminants) is vacuumed from the record surface before the fluid evaporates to completely minimise any residue being left providing a thoroughly clean and dry surface unlike conventional cleaning machines.


Ultrasonic method cleaning machines tend to be rather noisy in operation, whereas the Loricraft has been designed to run at a low noise level achieved by a specially developed vacuum pump and with the use of high density noise absorption foam inside the cabinet. This makes the Loricraft quiet enough to play music and converse during the cleaning process.


Cleaning vinyl records and ensuring that they are dirt and dust free is an important factor in their preservation and per-formance as all experienced analogue music fans will know. It is also important for maintaining and retaining optimum sound quality for longer. Fingerprints, dirt, dust, and static all create unwanted noise causing clicks, pops, surface noise and even distortion. In particular, second-hand record purchases should always be cleaned before they are first played. The presence of dust and grime will diminish the sound and in more extreme conditions contribute to the physical damage of a record or stylus.

New records can be positively charged with static electricity straight out of the record sleeve. Statically charged records will stick to the turntable mat every time you swap sides or remove the record, also attracting dust and dirt particles in the immediate proximity. They may also be manufacturing contamination, packaging debris and release agent from the manufacturing process, therefore even new records will benefit from being cleaned before use.

Whilst your records should sound great if pressed correctly and mastered to a high quality, it is important to consider that this is an analogue medium, requiring regular cleaning and maintenance. If you love vinyl, the only way to properly clean your records is with a high quality record cleaning machine.


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