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Millennia LOCi Universal Playback Equalizer Phono Stage

Millennia LOCi Universal Playback Equalizer Phono Stage

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Product Code: MIL0000000
The LOCi was designed under contract for the U.S. Library of Congress, who use multiple LOCi units for national archiving. The National Library of Canada and scores of other archiving labs rely on the LOCi.
The LOCi phonographic playback system was developed over years of extensive listening tests on every circuit element. Millennia maintains a world-class mastering / listening room, designed by top acoustical consultants Studio 440. With both analog and digital auditioning paths, every Millennia circuit is scrutinized for musical realism and dynamic uniformity. Only those circuit designs meeting our obsessive commitment to sonic purity are released to production.
LOCi front-end phono stage is based on the HV-3 double-balanced preamplifier used for recording nearly half of all Hollywood feature films scores. Over 50,000 channels of Millennia HV-3 preamplifiers are in use worldwide in the most demanding professional applications. Leading acoustic music recording companies, such as Harmonia Mundi, 2L, BMG, DMP, Nimbus, Five-Four, Chesky, Koch, Klavier, and scores of others rely on HV-3 preamplifiers. The major symphony orchestras and operas of Los Angeles, San Francisco, Berlin, Cleveland, Seattle, Dallas, Israel, Prague, Baltimore, New York, and National (DC) employ HV-3 preamps, as do scores of others. Top live performers like Andrea Bocelli, Rolling Stones and Bruce Springsteen use hundreds of HV-3 preamp channels in concert, as do the Academy Awards and other top global broadcasts.
LOCi compensation and filter circuits are based upon Millennia’s industry acclaimed NSEQ mastering equalizer. The NSEQ has been chosen by hundreds of today’s top mastering engineers. The NSEQ and LOCi employ a unique, non-textbook “single shunt amplifier” design to achieve all signal-path functions, including input buffer, EQ amplifier, and output driver. This single amplifier is optimized via a pure Class-A, all discrete 50V J-FET topology. Employing what top audio engineers call “the most transparent analog equalizer” available today, the LOCi delivers the most perfect phono path available at any price.
For 30 years of high-end service to the professional audio industry, Millennia was inducted into the Technology Hall of Fame in 2019. Modern professional audio products are major investments which must be carefully designed for longevity and non-obsolescence. With mastering-grade sonics and specifications, military design and build quality, and a pedigree in the highest tradition of audio excellence, the LOCi is destined to remain contemporary well into our new millennium. Hence, Millennia Media.


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