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SME M2-9R Tonearm

SME M2-9R Tonearm

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Product Code: SME880009R
The Model M2-9R precision tonearm developed by popular demand offers the design and engineering excellence associated with SME in a compact package.

As a member of the M2 family this tonearm is built by enthusiasts for enthusiasts and among its extensive features include, vertical and horizontal tracking adjustment, tungsten balance weights housed in satin chromed brass sleeves. Double draw-pin detachable headshell with azimuth adjustment and height adjustment by thumb wheel enabling its use with wide range of both cartridges and turntables.

Series M2-9R Dimensions
A – Distance from pivot to stylus233,20 mm
B – Distance from pivot to turntable centre215,40 mm
C – Cartridge fixing centres12,70 mm
D – Offset angle23,63°
E – Linear offset93,47 mm
F – Overhang17,80 mm
G – Height above mounting surfacemax. 87,0 mm
min. 63,0 mm
H – Mounting surface to underside of headshellmax. 67,40 mm
min. 43,40 mm
J – Depth below mounting surface46,0 mm
K – Balance weight radial clearance73,0 mm


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