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SME Synergy Mk2 Turntable System
SME Synergy Mk2 Turntable System - Image 1 of 0
SME Synergy Mk2 Turntable System - Image 2 of 0
SME Synergy Mk2 Turntable System - Image 1 of 0
SME Synergy Mk2 Turntable System - Image 2 of 0
SME Synergy Mk2 Turntable System - Image 1 of 0
SME Synergy Mk2 Turntable System - Image 2 of 0

SME Synergy Mk2 Turntable System

Product Code: SME2000005
Available as the standard Synergy Mk2 System and the Diamond series version

Synergy is a precision engineered integrated turntable with built-in phono stage, factory matched moving coil cartridge and premium grade audio cables from world class partners, delivering the ultimate vinyl replay experience without compromise.

The MK2 Synergy is equipped with a new highly advanced drive system providing improved speed control, accuracy and stability.

Synergy is a precision-made turntable equipped with the highly acclaimed SME Series IV tonearm, Ortofon’s ‘exclusive series’ MC Windfeld Ti cartridge, a custom designed phono stage by NAGRA and mono crystal silver wire by Crystal Cable. The collective sum of these components is award winning and class leading.

Integrated and factory configured requiring minimal user set-up. Design is compact, sleek, modern and pure SME with precision engineered components, high attention to detail and crafted from the finest materials to the strictest tolerances. All of which contribute to an extraordinary vinyl listening experience.
Primary Features

Natural, Open and Dynamic Sound
High Mass and Small Footprint
Close Tolerance Precision Bearing
Isolated Suspension System
Precision Magnesium Tonearm
Crystal Cable Internal Wiring
Nagra Built-In Phono Stage
Ortofon MC Windfeld Ti Cartridge
Factory Configured with Minimal Set Up
Stylish and Modern Design
High Performance

The MK2 Synergy comes equipped with the SME Series IV magnesium tonearm, a precision instrument of extreme quality. Internal audio wiring is premium grade from Crystal Cable.

The MK2 Synergy is a precision turntable of high mass made to exacting engineering standards for high performance. The chassis and sub-chassis are CNC machined from premium grade aluminium billet. The sub-chassis is suspended on an advanced isolation system for primary resonance control and houses the main bearing, platter and tonearm. Four fully adjustable feet are mechanically de-coupled from the main chassis by isolators providing base resonance control.

The main spindle is 19mm precision machined from high chrome tool steel, ground, super finished and supported in a sealed housing with individually fitted sintered bronze bearings of generous proportions needed for precise bearing and platter rotation.

The platter is machined from aluminium alloy and weighs over 4.6kg. Extensionally dampened with the top surface iso-damp, diamond-turned with a fine scroll for acoustic performance. This method of finishing upsets a myriad of tiny fibres which interface with the underside of the vinyl record. A substantial record clamp operating on the reflex principle ensures the largest possible platter contact even when appreciable record warp is present.

Synergy motor conforms to the highest standards of silent running and the turntable is driven by a custom made bi-phase AC synchronous motor controlled by a highly advanced speed control unit providing precise speed accuracy and stability.
Measurements and weights:

Width: 370mm
Depth: 350mm
Height (top of tonearm): 178mm
Platter Diameter: 304mm
Spindle to Arm: 215.35mm

Speed Control Unit
Width: 170mm
Depth: 305mm
Height: 68mm

Power Unit
Height: 83mm
Width: 190mm
Depth: 243mm

Platter: 303mm

Turntable: 19.59kg
Power Unit: 4.04kg
Speed Control Unit: 2.88kg
Shipping Weight: 32.0kg

Synergy Wins the WHAT HIFI? 2019 Temptation Award

“We love the way this SME transports us into recording sessions, delivering music with all the transparency, verve and sophistication it deserves.”


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