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TTVJ Deluxe Flat Pads

TTVJ Deluxe Flat Pads

16 Reviews
Product Code: AAT0000999
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The new TTVJAudio Deluxe flat pads are improved through a new process. Fits all Grado headphones, and improves the sound. Hear more refined highs and tighter bass. A very nice upgrade over the older model. Not recommended for the GS1000e and GS2000e or PS1000e and PS2000e series headphones. Works well with the PS500e and all other Grado headphone models!

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Average Rating:
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February 20, 2023
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John Kendall from Santa Ynez, CA United States
May 26, 2022
Surprisingly good
My initial impression was not too positive. The pads seemed to be not much different from the OEM pads, but I tried them out. The sound with these pads is a lot better than the originals. Hard to describe objectively, but fuller, cleaner and more musical. At $50 they are expensive for two pieces of foam. Yet, they will surprise you. They give you the signature Grado sound with more refinemen
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Brock L
February 14, 2022
Great upgrade for Grado cans
My original Grado ear pads caused pain and discomfort after a few hours of listening. Upgrading to the TTVJ ear pads were the perfect upgrade for me. They are far more comfortable to me than the stock pads. Will be buying these for any Grado’s I purchase in the future as well. Thanks TTVJ!
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Christopher Masuda from LIVINGSTON, CA United States
October 11, 2021
TTVJ deluxe flat pads.
The search is over for a more comfortable earpad for my first generation SR325.
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Crz AyalaV from Mexico
September 13, 2021
Great complement for my PS500!
I have finally found the perfect pads that combine comfort and audio quality. Highs are balanced, bass is controlled and enjoyable mids!
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