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TTVJAudio Vinyl Zyme Record Cleaner 8oz Regular Strength

TTVJAudio Vinyl Zyme Record Cleaner 8oz Regular Strength

List Price: $19.99
Our Price: $19.99

Product Code: AAT0001113


The TTVJAudio Vinyl Zyme Regular Strength is ideal for maintaining your clean records. I use the Regular Strength on my already cleaned records to keep them quiet and dirt free.

This 8 oz bottle will clean many your records and they will sound much better without the pops and ticks! If you like it try our concentrate and mix yourself a gallon at a fraction of the price!

Just spray 6-10 squirts on your album, spread it around your album evenly with a soft brush (no scrubbing needed)
let it sit for 30 seconds to 1 minute.
2-3 revolutions with the record cleaning brush
3 rotations with the vacuum on
Walla, your record is as good as it is ever going to be.

And of course we highly recommend out TTVJ Inner Sleeves to put your newly cleaned record in. Don't want to give it a bath and put it back in a dirty sleeve do you?

From one of our many Vinyl-Zyme users...

Since I bought Vinylzyme Gold from you, I have literally thrown away unopened bottles of other brand cleaners. Knowing that none of them would be able to match Vinylzyme.

Yesterday I cleaned Best of The Monkees, and For Sale by the Beatles from 1964.

Both records were given a double cleaning on my RCM, brush in Vinylzyme let it soak for 6 minutes, vacuum off, new dose of Vinylzyme again a 6 minutes soak. All in all 24 minutes per LP. With The Beatles I expected some more than average clicks and pops, but when I dropped the needle in the run in groove it was totally silent!

Rob from the Netherlands

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