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EAR Phono Classic EAR Phono Classic

The EAR Phono Classic is an update to the legendary 834 phono stage!

Our Price: $1,695.00
EAR 834L EAR 834L

A very nice accurate line stage preamp!

Our Price: $1,895.00

Step up transformer for MC cartridges. Sounds fantastic!

Our Price: $2,295.00

The EAR HP4 is a beautiful tube headphone amplifier for high end listening.

Our Price: $5,695.00

A tube phono stage utilizing 7DJ8 or 6DJ8 tubes

Our Price: $5,895.00
EAR 324 EAR 324

The EAR324 is a solid state high end phono stage made for the vinyl lover!

Our Price: $6,095.00
EAR 834 EAR 834

The EAR 834 integrated delivers 50 watts of push pull class A power

Our Price: $6,295.00
EAR 534 EAR 534

Warm and lush 50 watt per channel power amplifier

Our Price: $6,595.00
EAR 869 EAR 869

Low power tube integrated amplifier from EAR

Our Price: $6,795.00
EAR 8L6 Integrated Amplifier EAR 8L6 Integrated Amplifier

integrated or power amp - you choose!

Our Price: $6,795.00
EAR 868 EAR 868

A great preamp with many features including remote control and a very good phono section

Our Price: $7,595.00
EAR 890 EAR 890

70 watt power amp - beautiful tube sound!

Our Price: $8,295.00
EAR 899 EAR 899

The EAR899 is a very versatile integrated amplifier with 70 watts per channel

Our Price: $8,595.00
EAR 861 EAR 861

the EAR 861 is powerful sounding 32 watt power amp. Music flows effortlessly from the 861!

Our Price: $9,695.00
EAR V12 Integrated Amplifier EAR V12 Integrated Amplifier

Top end tube integrated amp. Ideal for efficient speakers and driving headphones!

Our Price: $9,795.00
EAR 912 EAR 912

A wonderful preamp, transformer coupled with single ended and balanced inputs

Our Price: $13,500.00
EAR 509 EAR 509

Tube mono block amplifiers - 100 watts of glorious power!

Our Price: $14,700.00
EAR 312 Preamplifier EAR 312 Preamplifier

Super, killer preamp from EAR!

Our Price: $26,000.00

Class A powered solid state mono blocks, from EAR

Our Price: $52,000.00

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