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Floor Standing Speakers



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Discover the Power of Sound with Floor Standing Speakers from TTVJ

Elevate your audio experience to monumental heights with TTVJ’s selection of floor-standing speakers. Designed for the audiophile who seeks the pinnacle of sound quality, our collection features industry-leading options like the Dynaudio Emit 50, ATC SCM300PT, and ATC SCM150A Active Classic Speakers, each offering an unparalleled listening experience that fills any room with rich, detailed sound.

  • Dynaudio Emit 50: Perfect for both stereo and home theater setups, the Emit 50 delivers exceptional audio fidelity, making every listening session an event.

  • ATC SCM300PT Passive and Active Tower Speakers: Representing ATC’s top-tier offering, the SCM300PT comes in both passive and active configurations to deliver music exactly as the artist intended.

Our floor-standing speakers are not just about filling space with sound; they’re about creating an immersive sonic landscape that transports you to the heart of the performance. Whether you’re enveloped in the complexities of a symphony or the subtleties of a solo acoustic session, TTVJ’s floor-standing speakers bring every nuance to life.

Step into a world where audio excellence and elegant design meet, with floor-standing speakers from TTVJ. Perfect for audiophiles and music lovers looking to transform their listening environment into a concert hall.

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